The Waterpebble will work as an advertisement for your business



The Waterpebble is a great investment for any business.

Sell the Waterpebble as a promotion of your dedication to saving energy, water and the planet.




We have worked with Banks, Hotels and many other business corporations.

We can design the shell with your company's logo, and then your customers will see your branding every day as they shower.



So the Waterpebble is not only a great eco-saving product, but a great business investment as well.




See below some images of brands we have worked alongside, such as Thomson and Unilever.


Our team at Boa will work with you to decide how you want to sell the Waterpebble.


We will produce your company's Waterpebble, with the branding of your choice.


At Boa we innovate packaging for our products, and we can do the same for the style you want.

Interested in Ordering with Us?

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