The Waterpebble uses a patented traffic light system to re-train you to take shorter showers.



Simply Place the Waterpebble either in the shower enclosure or on the side of the bath and take your shower.



The capacitive technology will sense the water or steam and will begin the lighting process.



First, the Waterpebble will flash green and will end on red when you have reached the water maximum!


Green light flashes for 3 minutes


Orange light flashes for 30 seconds


Red light flashes for 30 seconds

In the event of you not finishing your shower at the appearance of the red light, the Waterpebble will flash all colours for 30 seconds and then switch to sleep mode.

You may feel a little guilty! But you will at least be saving the battery!




The Waterpebble will power up automatically once the next shower is started.




After 2-3 months of usage, the Waterpebble will have helped re-train you in to the cycle of a 4 minute shower - even if you do occasionally ignore it!




The effect of the Waterpebble should transcend even for when you aren't showering at home with it! At that point your carbon footprint will really be reduced!

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