Waterpebble is an idea that was formed by famous British Designer Paul Priestman - Waterpebble monitors your water consumption, and re-trains you to take shorter showers.




The Waterpebble was designed to save Water, Energy & the Planet - Paul Priestman is commited to sustainability, you can see some of his work here.

Boa has had a long history in working alongside Paul Priestman and the Priestman Goode company - Our range of House Wares have also been designed by them - the products offer great design, practicality, and work as fantastic gifts. You can see our House Wares range here.





The Electronics for the Waterpebble are designed by Mike Beadman a founding partner at the Cambridge Design Partnership. The software and power management that has been built into the waterpebble is seriously impressive, and has been a major factor in its success and recognition.





The Waterpebble's design and electronic technology are not only smart but the power consumption from the 1 3v lithium will last 5 years whilst in daily use and up to 8 years in standby (Battery is replaceable). The Waterpebble will save you over £1,000 in its lifetime, and it will rapidly reduce your carbon footprint.



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